Windows Command Line Aliases

This is a set of batch files I created to emulate the alias functionality of bash while in Windows.
Here's what's included:

Since these commands are merely aliases for Windows' built-in commands, don't expect them to work the same way
as they do on UNIX-like systems. Diff, for example, is simply an alias for Windows' fc command. If you want a
full Linux-like environment on Windows, cygwin is an excellent choice.

To create your own permanent aliases, you can create new batch files in the aliases folder, or use the alias command:
Running the command alias list dir /O would make an alias called list that lists files in alphabetical order.


Download Aliases

Installation Instructions

Unzip the alias folder wherever you want. For the aliases to take effect, you need to add the alias folder to your PATH.
You can open install-alias.bat to have your PATH automatically updated, or you can do it manually through the System properties.
If you use install-alias.bat, you need to log out and log back in for the changes to take effect.