browsertail: tail -f in the browser

Monitor log files from your web browser. Try the live demo!

Disclaimer: This program falls strictly under the category of "things I wrote for myself, and then stuck on the web in case they happen to be useful to someone else!" Proceed with caution.



Download / Configure

  1. Download the archive and extract somewhere in your HTTP folder
  2. Edit to point to the log file you want to monitor
  3. If your web server process has read permissions on the log:
    1. Edit tail.php and remove the sudo
    2. Consider moving to someplace outside the public HTTP structure and updating tail.php with the new location
  4. If your web server process does NOT have read permissions on the log:
    1. sudo chown root:root
    2. sudo chmod 700
    3. Add something like this to the sudoers file using visudo:
      ALL ALL = (root) NOPASSWD: /path/to/
  5. Edit log.js to add color rules or change the log formatting.