2021-01-15T17:20:17Z Brad Greco,2010-05:bgreco-main JPEG EXIF Thumbnailer for GNOME,2011:bgreco-26 2021-01-15T17:20:17Z Make network image thumbnail generation faster in Nautilus and Nemo Personal Server Monitor,2011:bgreco-25 2019-06-14T21:19:09Z Monitor Linux servers from your Windows desktop. Homestuck flash index with high-quality audio,2011:bgreco-24 2015-05-23T23:01:45Z Most of the [S] pages from Homestuck, modified to use higher-quality audio files. QuickQR,2011:bgreco-23 2014-10-13T22:42:53Z Generate QR codes from anywhere with a keyboard shortcut. browsertail,2011:bgreco-22 2014-07-27T23:10:31Z Monitor server logs from your web browser. Twitter to RSS,2011:bgreco-21 2014-04-23T22:10:18Z A script that creates an RSS feed of a user's tweets or your home timeline. Google Map Zoom Invert,2011:bgreco-20 2014-01-22T22:58:09Z Invert the one-finger zoom gesture in Google Maps for Android. Color AsciiTube,2011:bgreco-19 2013-11-16T20:17:17Z AsciiTube, now in color!</p><p class='blag'>It's really slow unless you're using Chrome, and even that is hit or miss.</p><p class='blag'>But it's totally worth it. Periodic Suggestions,2011:bgreco-18 2013-10-04T22:28:11Z The element speller now attempts to provide suggestions if a word cannot be spelled exactly. Periodic API,2011:bgreco-17 2013-03-27T23:22:46Z You never knew you needed one! Pac-Man Ghost AI,2011:bgreco-16 2013-03-04T22:54:51Z Small feature addition for First Person Pac-Man: controllable ghost AI! IP,2011:bgreco-14 2013-02-04T17:24:01Z Get your IP address in plain text. User Agent,2011:bgreco-15 2013-02-04T17:24:01Z Get your user agent string in plain text. Sound Player Web App,2011:bgreco-13 2012-12-19T22:48:15Z Easily call up my favorite sound clips on your smartphone. Format-Color,2011:bgreco-12 2012-12-02T21:21:33Z Add color to command output using pattern matching PowerShell Snippets,2011:bgreco-11 2012-12-02T21:21:33Z Random code snippets for Windows PowerShell of varying degrees of usefulness. fortune for Windows PowerShell,2011:bgreco-10 2012-10-17T00:05:40Z The popular fortune program, now for Windows PowerShell! Brighten your scripting day with amusing messages. Jimmy Wales,2011:bgreco-9 2012-09-20T11:51:27Z Jimmy Wales Blog?,2011:bgreco-8 2012-08-11T17:03:44Z Let's pretend I have a blog and see what happens. Kid Radd fixes,2011:bgreco-7 2012-07-07T18:03:51Z Works again in Chrome! Works on the iPhone! Keyboard-based navigation! Band/Orchestra Seating Chart Generator,2011:bgreco-6 2012-02-04T16:38:15Z A simple tool to make semicircular seating charts. whois,2011:bgreco-5 2011-12-02T22:24:14Z One that doesn't try and sell you the domain that you're whoising. Android Directory Picker,2011:bgreco-4 2011-06-04T22:33:30Z A libary for Android that lets a user choose a folder from the filesystem. First-person Pacman,2011:bgreco-3 2011-05-11T13:13:48Z Play it in your browser! Chrome recommended. By Aaron Bardolph and I for CS352. RSS Feed,2011:bgreco-2 2011-03-30T19:04:10Z In case you want to know about updates to this site for some bizarre reason. AsciiTube,2011:bgreco-1 2011-03-30T07:49:05Z Watch any YouTube video in ASCII art. With sound!