Pandora Sidebar Gadget

Pandora's recent redesign has broken this gadget. :( You should probably use the official gadget instead.

The old page is below for great justice.

This Pandora sidebar gadget lets you play Pandora internet radio directly from Windows Vista's sidebar. When docked in the sidebar, it displays the currently playing song, along with the thumbs up/down options. When undocked, it displays the entire Pandora interface so you can log in, edit your stations, or create new ones.

64-bit workaround: Check out this page for instructions for getting the gadget to work on 64-bit systems.

Download Pandora sidebar gadget

Changelog (7/11/11)

  • Added auto refresh option
  • Added mouseover descriptions to settings
  • Renamed Pandora subscriber option (11/30/10)

  • Added ability to detect Flash player and provide appropriate instructions
  • Gadget will now work on 64-bit Windows if the beta flash player is installed (4/26/10)

  • Added option for making the "big" mode taller to view the entire Share window
  • Made the labels for the checkboxes in the settings window clickable (4/20/10)

  • Fixed gadget not working due to another Pandora update.
  • Gadget shouldn't break anymore when Pandora updates their player.

  • Pandora changed something that broke the gadget; this is now fixed.
  • "Check for updates" is now on by default. This might get changed back later.

  • Updated login directions to change according to OS version
  • Added detection for 64-bit mode to show a message instead of a blank gadget due to Flash being 64 bit

  • Fixed 'show volume/stop/play' that broke in

  • Finally stopped browser windows from opening on their own

  • Gadget now works with Windows 7

  • Added "Pandora subscriber" option. Previously, paying subscribers' accounts would be positioned wrong within the gadget.

  • Changed gadget dimensions because of a Pandora UI change

  • Added option to show or hide pause/volume/skip buttons
  • Added option to check for gadget updates

  • Initial release
Mini mode
Mini mode

Full mode (click to enlarge)
Full mode