Flash Drive Reminder

This is a small, freeware utility that pops up a reminder if you try and log off Windows
without removing your flash drive. I wrote this because I got tired of going back
to computer labs because I had left my flash drive plugged into a computer.

This program adds an entry to the AutoPlay dialog that pops up when you insert
a flash drive into a computer. (Screenshot) If you select this entry, Reminder will launch.
What happens next depends on which version you download.

This program might not work on Windows 7 if Autorun is disabled.

Standard version

The Standard version pops up a small window when Reminder starts. This window
serves as a reminder that the flash drive is still in the computer. The Standard
version also includes the following options:

Download Standard version

Quiet version

The Quiet version has no options and does not pop up a window when you insert your
flash drive. All it does is pop up a reminder to remove the drive when you log off
or shut down the computer. However, when it is running, you will not be able to
use Windows' Safely Remove Hardware utility to remove your flash drive. If this
doesn't bother you, go ahead and use this version.

Download Quiet version

This tool was designed for forgetful individuals like myself. If, on the other hand, you manage a computer
lab and are tired of the steadily-growing collection of forgotten flash drives accumulating in your desk, you
might be interested in Removable Drive Reminder, written by Stefan Sundin. It can be installed on a
Windows machine to perform the same function of Flash Drive Reminder.