Sound Clips Web App


It's no secret that I enjoy being able to call up various sound clips, as it is scientifically proven that an unexpected but relevant sound clip can make a situation OVER 9000 percent more hilarious. I have dozens of sounds bound to various keyboard combinations on my computer, and the first iPhone program I wrote after "Hello, world!" was a sound-clip player.

So without further ado, I present my favorite sound clips in web app form, so you can easily call them up at any time from your smartphone! No internet connection required!

The astute reader will note that I said "my favorite sound clips". Maybe someday I'll make a way for user-customizable sounds, but for now, this page is mostly just for me. If anyone else finds it useful, it's simply a happy accident.

Usage Instructions

Disclaimer: this has only been tested on the iPhone at the time of this writing.

Navigate to on your phone. You can just bookmark it, or you can select the action button on the bottom and choose Add to Home Screen. All sounds and images are cached when you first load the page, so you can use the webapp even when you have no internet connection.