The interesting stuff is back on the front page, this is The Rest.

Babble - Jumble up text while still making it semi-readable.
Battle! IN SPACE! - A simple (and very unpolished) Space-invaders style game using HTML5.
Rainbow bookmarklet - Drag this link to your bookmarks toolbar and click it to make Web pages more... interesting.
Catch Me - A very simple game.
Random Homestuck Quotes - A database full of Homestuck quotes for your amusement.
High-quality audio Homestuck flashes - Because the audio in the original flashes is quite compressed.
Homestuck [S] page index - There sure are a lot of them.
IP, User Agent, Host Name - Get your IP address, user agent string, or host name in plain text.
OBJECTION! - Bookmark or add to your homescreen for quick access.
Flash drive reminder - Never forget your flash drive in a computer lab again.
Pandora sidebar gadget - Now 100% broken.
Android Directory Picker - Very outdated libary for Android that lets a user choose a folder from the filesystem.
401, 404, 410, 503 - When something goes wrong on this site.
ipv6.bgreco.net - This site, using IPv6. Currently experimental.
Merry Christmas - Old flash animation. Not mine.