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Compiz: Clicking top-right corner of screen does not close window

September 26, 2018

On Xubuntu 18.04 Bionic, I found that, after activating Compiz, I was no longer able to throw my mouse to the top-right corner of the screen to close a maximized window. When clicking the top right pixel of the screen, nothing happened. (In fact, there seemed to be a "hole" in the window; right-clicking brought up the desktop context menu.) Not very friendly, according to Fitts's law. I found many posts from several years ago documenting the problem and workarounds, but none of them worked for me. (After all, who's still using Compiz in 2018?) But here's what finally worked for me:

  1. Install compiz and plugins. For a while, I wasn't getting any window decorations at all until I discovered that I needed to enable the "Copy to texture" plugin.
  2. Install Emerald. I used these instructions since it's not in the Ubuntu repositories any more.
  3. Open Emerald Theme Manager and select your theme.
  4. Still in Emerald Theme Manager, under "Emerald Settings", uncheck "Use Decoration Cropping".
  5. Close Emerald Theme Manager
  6. Edit ~/.emerald/theme/theme.ini in a text editor, and locate the [buttons] section.
  7. Adjust the horizontal_offset and vertical_offset to negative values. The appropriate values depend on the theme. For the Rezlooks-Graphite theme, I found that it would work with horizontal_offset=-3 and vertical_offset=0.
  8. Restart Emerald and adjust your values if needed to shift the buttons as close to the corner of the screen as possible.

Note that you must re-apply your changes to theme.ini if you open Emerald Theme Manager again.


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