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Eurocom Shark 4 (Clevo N150SD) Windows 7 install notes

May 8, 2015

These are my notes on installing Windows 7 on the Eurocom Shark 4 (Clevo N150SD).

Windows 7 installation (from USB)

Setup will prompt you to load a USB driver.

  1. Insert driver disk
  2. Browse to D:\Drivers\07_USB30\Drivers\Win7\x64
  3. Select Intel(R) USB 3.0 Root Hub if it shows up. If the only choice is the eXtensible Host Controller, choose that instead, ignore the error, then try browsing again and hope the correct option shows up. I don't know why this works.

Post install

  1. Install LAN or wifi driver (see below)
  2. Check for windows updates, install SP1
  3. Continue windows updates until all recommended updates are installed


These lists are organized to match the driver DVD. When possible, I prefer to install from Device Manager to avoid the extra junk that the installers sometimes bundle.

  1. Chipset - install from disk
  2. VGA - download from intel and nvidia
  3. LAN - from disk, using device manager
  4. Card reader - from disk
  5. Touchpad - Driver on disk makes touchpad sometimes not respond for me. Instead, install Elantech driver V11.5.11.3 from
  6. Hotkeys - install from disk, otherwise the headphone jack will not work after a system resume. See this discussion for more details and a possible workaround on Linux.
  7. USB - install from disk
  8. Management Engine - install from disk
  9. Audio - install from disk.
"Optional" drivers
  1. Webcam - works out of the box
  2. WLAN - Wrong drivers on the disk. Download from
  3. Fingerprint - Only install from disk if you plan on using it. Installs background services.
  4. Bluetooth - Probably install from disk. If that doesn't work then download from
  5. Cellular radio - Not installed, I don't have one
  6. Intel Rapid storage - install from disk
  7. Intel rapid start - The installer wouldn't run, so I skipped it
  8. Sound Blaster Cinema - Don't know what it does, skipped.
  9. Intel wifi direct - Don't need it, skipped.


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