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This blog might as well be called "Clicking top-right corner of screen does not close window"

November 12, 2020

Two years ago, I wrote about how to make Compiz more Fitts's law-friendly.

22 days ago, I wrote about how to make GNOME applications more Fitts's law-friendly.

Now it's Firefox's turn (running on Pop!_OS 20.04) To fix its close button, I had to add the following to userChrome.css:

@namespace url("");

html:not([proton]) .titlebar-buttonbox-container {
	margin-top: -5px;
	margin-right: -4px;

html[proton] .titlebar-buttonbox {
	margin-top: -17px;
	margin-right: -4px;

2021-07-13: Updated to be compatible with Firefox 89.


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